Menna Fadali on “An Interview with Mr. Adam 2”


Follow-up – Shady Alloush

The Egyptian actress, Menna Fadali, spoke about her role in the series “Interview with Mr. Adam 2”.

And it is the part that you are busy filming these days in Syria.

Menna said that she plays a beauty expert, she has a sister who is not a sister, who discovers that she has been killed and her organs have been stolen.

She decides to take revenge and begins her journey and meets Mr. Adam.

It is a continuation of the role that she played in the first part.

The series “Interview with Mr. Adam” directed by Fadi Selim and co-authored with Shady Kizan and starring Ghassan Masoud, Muhammad Al-Ahmad and Rana Shamis, in addition to new actors who joined the second season, most notably Basil Khayyat and Abdel Moneim Amayri.

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