Megan Markle reveals that she has contemplated suicide and fell on deaf ears when she sought help


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New York: Megan Markle revealed that she had suicidal thoughts when she was living in the confines of the British royal family, confirming in an interview published Sunday that she had not received any psychological support, despite her constant demands to do so.

Megan said in an interview with the most famous American journalist, Oprah Winfrey, broadcast by “CBS”, “I simply did not want to survive anymore. They were persistent, terrifying, real and very clear ideas,” blaming this on the hostile British media coverage towards her. .

She added that she went to meet the members of the Royal Institution to seek help and discuss the possibility of her receiving medical treatment, “I was told that I could not, and that this would not be in the foundation’s interest.”

The former mixed-race actress noted that members of the royal family were concerned about her son Archie’s complexion before he was born, saying that they had “concerns (…) about the degree of darkening of his complexion” and “what that might mean, and how it would look.” .

The Duchess of Sussex also noted that Buckingham Palace refused to grant protection to the child, pointing out that members of the Foundation considered that Archie should not have any title, contrary to tradition.

Prince Harry, for his part, expressed regret that the royal family had not taken a public stand to condemn what it considered racist coverage by part of the British press.

Although Megan (39 years old) denounced a “real smear campaign” on the part of the royal establishment and said that the royal family did not provide her with protection, she was careful to avoid attacking family members personally.

Megan said only that, contrary to what was written in the British press, it was not she who made the Duchess of Cambridge Kate cry before her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018.

“Everyone in the organization knows that this is not true,” Megan said, adding, “The opposite happened.” She explained that “a few days before the wedding, (Kate) was upset about something (…) and this made me cry and really hurt my feelings.”

Prince Harry assured that he and his wife Megan had done “everything they could” to stay in the British royal family.

Harry said, “I am sad that what has happened has happened, but I know (…) we did everything in our power to make it work.” “Oh my God, we’ve done everything we can to protect them,” said Megan, who was next to him.

Harry considered his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William, “prisoners” of the regime, as members of the royal family. He said, “My father and brother are prisoners” of the regime, adding, “They cannot leave him.”

For its part, the British royal family decided a few hours before this interview, to appear in the family united image during the annual celebrations of the Commonwealth.

On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II stressed “a dedication that is free from interests and a sense of duty and responsibility.”

In her pre-recorded speech broadcast by the British BBC, the Queen said, “The experiences that the Commonwealth countries went through during the past year were varied and influential and provided many examples of courage, determination, dedication, free of interests and a sense of responsibility and duty throughout the Commonwealth family.”


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