Mbappe between Liverpool and Real Madrid … the password is “Salah”


ورغب real MadridAccording to what was quoted by the Spanish newspaper “AS”, in the inclusion of the Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian MbappeDuring the upcoming summer transfer market, to strengthen the offensive line of the royal club, but this desire will face a dilemma, which is the entry of Liverpool in a struggle to kidnap the player, in anticipation of the departure Mohamed Salah.

And all things indicate that Liverpool will be Real Madrid’s strongest competitor in Mbappe dealEspecially as the “Reds” management seeks to persuade the Frenchman to play in the Premiership.

Despite the losses European clubs are suffering due to the Corona pandemic, the Leferball The Englishman may rely on American basketball player LeBron James (who owns shares in Liverpool) to snatch Mbappe, as the two have a good relationship and have participated in many advertising campaigns together, according to “AS”.

The past days witnessed renewed conflict between Salah and his German coach yourgen club, Amid rumors of the departure of Salah since the beginning of the current season.

In the last match against Chelsea in the 29th round of the English Premier League, Klopp decided to remove the Egyptian player in the 61st minute, which did not like Salah, and he came out amid signs of anger, and at that time the Reds were a goal behind.

At the same time, Salah’s agent, Rami Abbas, posted a strange tweet on Twitter of a “point”, which increased speculation about the end of the Egyptian pharaoh’s march at Anfield.

Based on all this, it seems that Salah’s departure from Liverpool is imminent, especially after the Egyptian pharaoh did not deny his desire to play for one of the Spanish clubs in the League, during an interview with the newspaper “AS” months ago.

In the event that Salah leaves Liverpool, the English club will gain a great advantage in the contract struggle with Mbappe. In economic terms, the value of the Egyptian international is estimated at 120 million euros, according to the “Transfer Market” website, and this value will revive the Reds’ treasury in light of his suffering from a crisis. Corona Virus.

He will also be able to enter strongly into Mbappe’s deal, after he got rid of the highest salary on his list, at a value of 12 million euros a year, which is the amount that Salah gets in Liverpool.

In terms of football, Salah and Mbabi play on two different fronts, but he will leave a seat for the Frenchman, and at that time it will be impossible for Klopp to participate with Firmino and Mani together, in addition to Mbabi will play the role of Salah in Liverpool..

For his part, Real Madrid is well aware that in the event that Liverpool enter the conflict, the competition will not be easy to kidnap Mbappe, especially since his economic situation is not at its best, so he will try to convince the French player of his sports project, especially since the royal club wants to make Mbappe the star of the team. the new.


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