Mazen Moamem comments on a conflict in a supermarket due to a milk bag – pictured


A video clip circulated on social media platforms showing a dispute that occurred in a supermarket when a citizen took itMilk bagIn the hands of an employee trying to arrange the bags on the shelves, which led to a problem.
The citizen took the bag from the employee’s hand by force, then a number of employees gathered around the young man, and then a conflict occurred and they threw it outside.
The actor commentedMazen MoaamOn the matter, without posting the video on his official page on a social media site, he wrote: “I received a video of a problem withSuper MarketAs the sand of a sack of milk, you will be ashamed to descend it .. God does not help them to lead them to the world, but also, O defect of the Shum, as the sand of a sack of milk, even if it is battered.


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