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This book is full of attitudes that the artist Lubna Abdel Aziz brought together with the stars of art, literature and politics in Egypt, whether she worked with them or collected the circumstances between them, which she recounts for the first time on her tongue, in a recently released book titled “Lubna .. The Story of a Free Woman”, written by the writer Heba Mohamed Ali.

According to the author, although this book is classified among autobiographical books, it does not focus in its essence on the films and cinematic works of Lubna Abdulaziz, but rather traces her life from birth to the present day and begins with the upbringing and the family, through her work in radio and journalism, until her entry into the field of acting.

The book was published with four introductions and not one introduction, as is usually the case, due to the peculiarity of each introduction and the relationship of the author of each word to the history of Lubna Abdulaziz, which are the words of the artist Samir Sabry, the journalist Moufid Fawzi, and Ahmed Abdel Quddous, the son of the writer Ihssan Abdul Quddus, who is considered the discoverer and the first to present it to the world of cinema. And her sister Lamees Abdulaziz.

The book reviews the years of alienation that Lubna lived in the United States of America with her second husband, Ismail Barrada, where she gave birth to her two daughters and then returned to settle again in her country, Egypt, her short return to art, and her accompaniment of the June 30 revolution.

The book includes an archive of the artist’s private photos, including a picture of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser honoring her on the Art Festival.



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