London .. Dozens arrested and injured in “anti-stone” demonstrations


Police said that most of the detainees were arrested for breaking the stone.

Since the beginning of January, residents of the British capital and other parts of England have been banned from leaving their homes and have been allowed limited travel.

The demonstration that began at noon in Hyde Park continued in the middle لندنAfter that, a group of demonstrators returned to the park, where they threw projectiles at the police.

“Many people have been injured as a result of these attacks,” Lawrence Taylor, commander of policing operations, said in a statement.

On Saturday, about 60 British parliamentarians signed an appeal by human rights groups saying that the ban on demonstrations is “unacceptable and most likely illegal.”

He was the prime minister Boris Johnson He promised to ease restrictions in light of the improvement of the epidemiological situation, and the strict quarantine is supposed to be lifted at the end of this March.


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