Liverpool news: Liverpool is preparing a tempting offer to obtain the services of the Udinese star


Wardrigo de Paul – Udinese – Italian League

Sport 360- Equip the club management Leferball The Englishman has offered a tempting offer to obtain the services of Udinese midfielder Rodrigo de Paul, to support the team next summer.

He mentioned a report published British newspaper, Daily Mail The Reds’ management sees DePaul as a possible substitute for Jenny Wijnaldum, whose contract with the club is nearing an end.

Liverpool is preparing for the post-Vinaldom

The newspaper pointed out that the Udinese club management has set a price for its young Argentine star, asking those wishing to obtain his services an amount of 30 million pounds, and the report confirmed that Liverpool will try to complete the deal for a fee of 26 million pounds.

And Pascal Marino, managers of Udinese club, had confirmed that, despite the player’s commitment to a contract extending until 2024 with Udinese, the level of interest in his services made his sale inevitable.

The English newspaper quoted Marino’s statements, in which he said: “He has features that many major clubs in Europe miss,” and continued: “I hope this will not happen, but whoever joins his ranks will raise his team to a different level.”

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