Link to download the game pubg new state mobile second part for Android and iPhone


The second part of the game, the second part of the game, is currently occupied by the famous search engines all over the world, after the developer of the game Crafton announced its launch. For adults and children, the search is increasing for the pubg new state part two game download link, and we will bring you in this article the link to download the game PUBG MOBILE Part 2.

ةة…. Pub pub pubg new state

There are a lot of additions that have been provided to the game, the pubg new state, which will make it significantly superior to the second part, and the events of the game revolve around the future in the year 2051 and the developments that the world is witnessing in that period of time, and the advanced technologies, automatic weapons, cars, armor and aircraft have been added. Unmanned aerial vehicle and other matters that increase the excitement and mystery of the game, and it is expected that the second part will witness a great success many times over than the original version.

Additions to the game Peggy Part II

The game of Peggy the second part is a clear continuation of the original version, which contains high-quality graphics and graphics, where the island and people will appear in 3D, which protects the reality in the year 2051, and a new troi map has also been added, which resembles the Arrangel map in the first part, which contains wonderful natural areas , Weapons, equipment and drones that are used to control the enemy and various other weapons.


The Peggy Part 2 game is now available to everyone, which can be downloaded via Android mobile devices by entering this LinkAnd, until now, there is no available game of Peggy on the iPhone.

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