Lilian Nimri, guest of “the bottom line”


The Lebanese actress, Lilian Nimri, will be a guest on the “Bayt Al Qasid” program presented by the Lebanese poet and journalist Zahi Wehbe on the Al-Mayadeen channel, to talk about her acting experience that began in childhood. The dialogue deals with what Nimri learned and inherited from her parents, the late artists Alia and Abdo Nimri, her view of the reality of art in her country, the challenges she faced as an actress in order to establish her name and presence, and the change in the concept of stardom. Wehbe asks his guest about her recent roles in which she broke the stereotype that surrounded her in the context of comedy. It also touches on Lillian’s opinion of comparisons between actors based on their nationalities, and their position on the “revolution” in Lebanon, immigration, its newness, and its dreams.
“The bottom line”: The day after tomorrow, Saturday – Q: 21:00 on “Al-Mayadeen”

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