Lenovo teaser confirms support for Legion 2 Pro dual turbo cooling system


Lenovo has published a teaser for the upcoming Legion 2 Pro gaming phone, which confirmed that the phone comes with a dual turbo cooling system.

Lenovo is preparing to announce soon the company’s latest versions of phones for games, and the Lenovo director has confirmed that the phone applies to the Legion 2 Pro and includes two active fans for higher cooling efficiency.

Lenovo confirmed earlier that the phone comes with a Snapdragon 888 processor chip, but Lenovo has not set an official date to unveil the phone yet.

Another teaser from Lenovo also confirmed that the Legion 2 Pro comes with many features, and according to the leaks, this version is expected to be among the first phones featured with a random memory of 16 GB RAM.

The projections also indicate that the Lenovo gaming phone comes with an AMOLED screen, supports a 144Hz refresh rate, and is also expected to have a battery capacity higher than 5000 mAh, and a UFS 3.1 storage capacity, with LPDDR5 memory standards.



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