Legendary Pele receives the Corona vaccine


World football legend, Brazilian Pele received the vaccine against the Covid-19 virus on Tuesday, describing it as an unforgettable day.
Pele, 80, took advantage of this occasion to appeal to his citizens not to give up in the face of this global pandemic that kills 1,100 people a day in Brazil.
Pele wrote on his Instagram account: An unforgettable day I got the vaccine. He attached this phrase to a picture of him wearing the muzzle and raising his thumb when someone vaccinated him.
Pele’s media office did not want to disclose where the former Brazilian star, the only 3-time World Cup winner, received it, and what kind of vaccine he underwent or if it was the first or second dose.
Pele has been isolating himself at his home in Sao Paulo since the start of the pandemic that has killed more than 255,000 in Brazil, the second highest rate after the United States.
Pele’s health has deteriorated in recent years, and the videos he recently broadcast on his official social media sites show that he is using a wheelchair or leaning on someone close to him. To move around. (Agencies)


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