Lebanon is the champion of the Small Countries’ Deep Skating Tournament


The Lebanese Snow Ski Federation achieved a new international achievement for the homeland of the Cedars, with Lebanon taking first place after it topped the final general ranking (20 colored medals) with the conclusion of the Small Nations Championship in the depth race for men, women and junior groups, which was organized by the Lebanese Federation in Cedars under the auspices of the Lebanese Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, under the supervision of the International Federation, for three days, at the “Bcharre Municipal Circuit” (about 3.5 km long). 80 skaters from nine countries participated in the tournament, in light of strict measures to prevent the Corona epidemic taken by the Lebanese Federation. Argentina ranked second (3 medals), Mexico ranked third (2 medals), and Colombia ranked fourth (2 medals).

Brigadier General Zahra, President and Members of the Federation during the coronation ceremony

And in the results of the last day:
Men’s class (1.2 km):
1- Elie Touq (Lebanon)
2-Paul Keyrouz (Lebanon)
3- Charbel Nehme (Lebanon)
Women category (1.2 km):
1- maria diaz (argentina)
2-Huguette Fakhry (Lebanon)
3- Sasha Geagea (Lebanon)
Junior Class (1.2 km):
1- Mansour Geagea (Lebanon)
2- Ibrahim Geagea (Lebanon)
3- Serge Lazem (Lebanon)
The competitions were supervised by the international delegate Ozcan Kyumko, a member of the Lebanese Federation, and the head of the technical committee, Zeina Derian.
Before the start of the races, the representative of the Armed Forces Commander, Brigadier General Mazen Zahra, saluted and was received by the President of the Ski Federation Freddy Keyrouz and the members of the Federation. After the competitions were concluded, the process of coronation of the winners and winners was carried out by Brigadier Zahra and Keyrouz, as well as members of the federation and coaches. Brigadier General Zahra and Federation President Freddy Keyrouz presented the championship trophy to the Lebanese team. Then Keyrouz handed a shield of appreciation to the representative of the Armed Forces Commander, as a token of love and appreciation, and thanked, in the name of the Al-Ittihad family, General Joseph Aoun for sponsoring the championship, which was successful by all standards. He also thanked him for the cooperation of the Ski School in Al-Arz through Colonel Samih Khalil and the Officers Club through Brigadier General Zahra for their assistance to the Lebanese Ski Federation in the implementation of its championships.
The following is the ranking of the countries after the end of the competition:
1- Lebanon (6 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze)
2- Argentina (3 gold)
3- Mexico (2 silver)
4- Colombia (1 silver and 1 bronze)
5- Portugal, Serbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad-Tobago (no medals).
It is noteworthy that the Lebanese achievement is added to the international achievement achieved some time ago, with the Lebanese women’s team in alpine skiing winning first place in the Small Nations Championship that was held in Montenegro this January by skaters Manu Owais and Carly Iskander, and by qualifying the skater Elie Tawk (born in 2002) in The depth race to the Winter Olympics in China next year, along with the participation of many Lebanese skaters in the Olympic Grand Prix.

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