Lebanese Central Bank governor pledges to sue “Bloomberg” after “US sanctions” report


The governor of the Lebanese Central Bank undertakes to prosecute

Riad Salameh, governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, said that he would file a series of legal cases inside and outside Lebanon against the agency “Bloomberg” after it published a report saying that the United States is considering imposing sanctions on it.

Washington today denied the report on considering imposing sanctions on Salameh, whose role in the country’s financial meltdown has come under intense scrutiny.

And Bloomberg has previously reported, based on private sources, that the administration of the US President, Joe Biden, is considering imposing penalties on the governor of the Banque du Liban against the background of investigations into transferring funds abroad.

According to agency sources, officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden discussed the possibility of taking coordinated measures with European partners towards Riad Salameh, who has headed the Central Bank of Lebanon for 28 years.

Source: Agencies


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