Leaks reveal a new Xiaomi phone with a charging capacity of 200W


The latest leaks revealed a new phone from Xiaomi that launches with a 200W fast charging feature, which is the fastest charging capacity offered to smartphones.

Xiaomi has begun to conduct tests on a new version of the company’s phones in preparation for the launch of this version in the second half of 2021, and the leaks have confirmed that Xiaomi is offering this version with a new upgrade in fast charging technology.

The leaks indicate that the Xiaomi phone will support 200W fast charging technology, and it also supports higher standards in wireless charging as well as reverse charging.

Xiaomi introduced the Mi 10 Ultra recently with a charging capacity of 120W, so the 200W charging technology will be the fastest charging technology offered by Xiaomi, and also the fastest in the competing versions in the market so far.

Also, the upcoming version of Xiaomi is expected to be the MI MIX 4 phone, which has run some leaks so far, and this version is expected to also feature the camera technology at the bottom of the screen, as the company begins mass production of the third generation of camera technology at the bottom of the screen. A new algorithm to support this technology.



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