Kylie Jenner denies the accusation of her stinginess with the make-up artist and justifies her small donation to his surgery .. so what did she say?


The reality star and American cosmetics lady has not spared Kylie Jenner The youngest of the Kardashian’s “23-year-old” sisters recently from a campaign of widespread criticism and ridicule for donating in two installments the amount of 11 thousand dollars to young make-up expert Samuel Roda to help with the expenses of an urgent surgery performed on him last Sunday, and the cost reached 120 thousand dollars, so his friends fired And his family a fundraising campaign, in which Kylie Jenner participated in a specific payment, and asked her 222 million followers on “Instagram” to donate to him as well. She has to pay the full cost of his brain surgery, which he needed after he was in a terrible car accident and suffered 8 head injuries, amounting to $ 120,000, of which $ 100,000 was collected until Monday morning.

Beautician Samuel Roda is not my makeup artist

Kylie in her luxurious mansion - Image via Instagram
Kylie in her luxurious mansion – Image via Instagram

According to the “Hola” site, Kylie Jenner did not remain silent on the campaign of criticism and accusations of stinginess directed at her, so she defended herself through the “Story” feature in her Instagram account, saying: “Sam is not my cosmetic expert, and unfortunately she does not have any personal relationship with him, except that I was previously.” I cooperated with him several years ago, and he was a nice person. My friend, my plastic surgeon, Ariel, told me about Samuel Roda’s accident. I called him immediately and knew the details from him, so I participated in the donation site, and my donation was set at 10,000 dollars, but 6000 was paid and then I gave Another amount, in the amount of 5000, to help reach the goal and collect the desired amount, and for that I published Samuel’s story and the donation site to urge followers to donate to him.

Kylie Jenner explained that she published the story and the donation site to spread awareness among others and encourage them to help and feel the feelings of others.

Kylie Jenner went on to post her self-defense and absolving herself of stinginess, saying, “Anyone who knows me knows I do things from the heart, and I try to be helpful whenever I can. Let’s all stay positive, keep Samuel and his family, and anyone you know is going through a difficult time in our prayers. Hope we have a nice day, and we encourage each other to help. “

The road to healing is long

Kylie Jenner in front of one of her luxury cars - Image via Instagram
Kylie Jenner in front of one of her luxury cars – Image via Instagram

It is noteworthy that the young plastic surgeon, Samuel Roda, underwent a difficult brain surgery on Sunday, March 14th of this month, and has a long way to go to a full recovery, which requires additional treatment costs.

Samuel Roda’s family updated his condition and included expressions of love and thanks to everyone who helped and prayed for his recovery and said: “We felt love, and we know that your continuous prayers for healing are greatly appreciated. It was a relief to witness how Sam did not bring a ray of Hope and brilliance not only come to our lives but to many around the world, may God bless you.


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