Kylie Jenner accused of stinginess … and so she responded!


American reality TV star Kylie Jenner is still under a brutal attack on social networking sites after she asked her followers to donate to cover the costs of a brain surgery for a plastic surgeon called “Samuel”, who some claimed was her cosmetic expert, after announcing her donation of only five thousand dollars. Of the requested amount, which is worth $ 120,000.

After a great controversy and accusing her of being stingy, Jenier responded to the controversy surrounding her, saying: “Sam is not my make-up expert, and unfortunately we do not have any personal relationship now, but I cooperated with him several years ago and he was a nice person so I decided to help him.”

“My plastic expert, Ariel, told me he needed help for an operation, so I called him right away to find out the details,” she added.

And Jenier continued: “After learning of the details of the accident, I visited the donation site for Sam, which was set up by his family and was set at $ 10,000, and it reached 6,000, and I donated $ 5,000 to help them reach their goal, and I published the story through my account to urge those who can Participate in a donation. ”

The international star succeeded in clarifying what happened, and denied the accusation of miserliness that accompanied her for a while, stressing that she provided humanitarian assistance to the cosmetic expert without any compensation.


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