Kuwaiti “ministers” call for receiving the Corona vaccination and full compliance with health requirements


Kuwait – Direct: Tariq Al-Muzrim, head of the Government Communication Center and the official spokesperson for the Kuwaiti government, called on Thursday to receive vaccination and to fully adhere to health requirements to limit the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

Al-Muzrim said in a press conference held via (video call) after an exceptional meeting of the Council of Ministers, that “the countries that continued in the vaccination campaigns witnessed a decrease in the infection index,” stressing at the same time that controlling the epidemic is an integrated process and is not evaluated and dealt with by one side, according to The official Kuwait News Agency, “KUNA”.

Al-Muzarim explained that the government has progressed significantly in issuing decisions, which come based on reports from the health authorities and field reports, in response to a question about the reasons for the return of the Council of Ministers to take the decision to impose a partial curfew.

Al-Marzim said that the epidemic was under control in an earlier period, when the State of Kuwait was able to move to the fourth stage of the gradual return to normal life.

He added, “But with the return of the high numbers of injuries and the rise of the five indicators set by the health authorities, the ban decision had to be taken.”

Al-Marzim attributed the arrival of the injuries to alarming numbers that the country had not previously recorded before the vaccination arrived in Kuwait, to that “that period was long in terms of time, which is about seven months.”

He added that she “witnessed the Council of Ministers issuing harsh decisions such as imposing territorial isolation, partial curfews and a comprehensive curfew.”

The appointment of the front rows awards

Al-Muzim explained that “there is a cabinet decision requiring all ministries to send the final statements to the Civil Service Bureau.”

He added, “Some of the statements have arrived, and the last ones are now being received from some ministries and the government will commit to paying rewards in the next stage.”

When asked about the details of the cabinet’s decision to assign the Council of Ministers’s Economic Affairs Committee to discuss an appropriate mechanism to address the potential economic repercussions resulting from the Corona pandemic, Al-Muzim stressed the government’s keen interest in the affected owners of micro, small and medium enterprises from the repercussions of the crisis.

He referred to previous decisions of the Council of Ministers to mitigate the damage caused to the owners of these projects, adding that the government will consider all available opportunities to support the owners of these projects during the next stage.


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