Kuwaiti Ahmed Al-Salem curses his separation from the Queen of Kabuli and publishes the divorce certificate


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Advertise influencer and influencer Kuwaiti Ahmed Al Salem About his official separation from YouTuber Saudi Arabia Queen of Cable.

And through his official account, the application of “snap chatAhmed Al Salem announced his separation, writing: “Praise be to God for everything. May God make up for me and make up for it with good.”

Ahmed Al Salem publishes the divorce document

Al-Salem also published on his account the divorce document that was extracted from the competent court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kuwaiti Ahmed Al-Salem curses his separation from the Queen of Kabuli and publishes the divorce certificate

Who is the Queen of Kabuli

Queen of Capley is a fashionista, Saudi beauty expert, and one of the Snapchat celebs.

Recently, it topped the list of the most searched contents on the global search index Google and various social networking sites, after Al-Kuwaiti announced Ahmed Al-Salem, during a video clip, reported their separation, which sparked widespread controversy among their followers, wondering about the true reason behind the separation.

The real reason behind the separation of the duo

Saudi Arabia, Queen of Kabli, appeared a few months ago in a video clip explaining her husband’s betrayal of him and their going through a number of problems, and that despite the separation and leaving the house, he did not officially divorce her.

Ahmed Al Salem responds to accusations of betrayal

Ahmed Al-Salem decided to respond to his wife, Queen of Kabul, and Al-Salem appeared In the video clip, explaining the reason for his disagreement with his wife, Malakah Kabli, which led to their final separation, explaining that he requested a divorce from his wife two months ago, but she refused, indicating that he had already divorced her at the moment he left the house, but his wife may mean that she did not receive papers. Divorced so far, so she denies the news of their divorce.

Al-Salem denied his wife’s accusations of treason, saying: “If I was Khayen, she would have removed me from any court, and God Almighty is not willing to say this, but I am forced to say it, so let’s suppose the biggest mistake in the world, why did he come to social media?”

Al-Salem ended his talk about the problem, saying: “I settled with her as much as I can, there are no men who settle for his wife whom I settled, I am the people who love her I am overly kind to her, but this kindness can be ruined on me, I have to return my accounts. This can be my mistake, and your wife It is supposed to be the sweetest thing in your life, I am a person I get married in order to be happy, since happiness has ended, salvation. ”


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