Klopp on Salah: Egypt should contact Liverpool


German coach Juergen Klopp, the Liverpool coach, sent a message to Egyptian Olympic coach Shawky Gharib, regarding the participation of star Mohamed Salah in the Tokyo Olympics.

“Egypt should contact Liverpool if they want goodness for the Olympics,” Klopp said during a video broadcast on the website of the “Liverpool Echo” newspaper.

Gharib confirmed two days ago that Mohamed Salah and Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy would be at the top of the initial selection list for the Olympic U-23 Olympic team, to participate in the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer, while allowing countries to include 3 of the top players in their final squad. .

Earlier, a report by the Liverpool Echo newspaper stated that Liverpool could suffer a blow if Salah joins the Olympic team.

The report stated, “Mohamed Salah is scheduled to join after the assurances of the Olympic coach, as he will be placed in the preliminary squad for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, despite the fact that they have not spoken to Liverpool yet.”

Tokyo is scheduled to host the Summer Olympic Games between Friday, July 23 and Sunday, August 8, and Salah will be absent if he participates in the tournament, from some matches of the Liverpool pre-season and the beginning of the English Premier League season (2021-2022).

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