Kasungu: I didn’t have time in the Africa Final to do well


Kasongo Kabongo, the former Zamalek player, confirmed Turkish Polospor The current thing is that things are going very well with his new team, but she suffered a slight injury at the beginning and a little while ago he returned to training with Polospor..

و .وضح Kasungu Kabongo During televised statements that he always watches Galatasaray matches and Mustafa Mohamed scores great goals, but he did not meet him because he is in a city far from Istanbul and he also watches all Zamalek matches, even basketball matches, and the white team is doing well and was presenting a good level with him and has good relations with the players and fans .

Kasungu Kabongo indicated that I did not have time in the African final to perform well and the situation was not appropriate and that he played with Islam Jaber and was tired and was forced to help him in terms of defense against Al-Ahly in the final. African Champions League And that Zamalek is his first team and he loves him very much, and everyone knows that, stressing that he discussed with the management and it was agreed to leave.

و .ضاف مهاجم Zamalek The former was that he did not receive all his dues, and the crisis that occurred with the current administration, was only a few months ago and they issued a check on January 15 and unfortunately it was not valid, saying: “Zamalek will not complain to FIFA … my love for Zamalek prevents me from his complaint to FIFA, I admit what I have presented. To Zamalek, and I asked all Zamalek fans to demand my rights … I did not go to FIFA because I love Zamalek. “


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