Jamal Al Shehhi: Publishing houses have an important role in promoting identity – thought and art – culture


Writer Jamal Al Shehhi, founder of “Kitab” Publishing House, described writing for children as one of the most difficult types of writing. He said: We believe through our publications for children that publishing houses have an important and effective role in promoting national identity and bringing young people closer to the values ​​of their local environment.

This came during the virtual evening, organized by the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, Abu Dhabi Branch, entitled “A publisher and a book”. The talk was devoted to “riot and riot diaries” being a book dealing with children’s literature, of which 12 volumes have so far been published on Dar Kitab Publishing The evening is the author of the book, Muhammad Khamis, and moderated by Hana Muhammad Al-Shawabkeh.

Special editions

Jamal al-Shehhi said: “Diaries of rioters and rioters” have achieved great success, since their first publication in 2013, and more than 300,000 copies have been printed in all of its parts. He explained that the six parts of the riot and the likes of the riot has prompted the house to special versions of it, related to the state’s orientations. In the “Year of Zayed”, the House issued a copy of the diary entitled “Children of Zayed”, as well as in the Year of Tolerance.

He continued: The diary continues to keep pace with the trends on which the writer of literature directed to children relies, because it broadens the perceptions of the child and attracts him to read.

Al-Shehhi mentioned: In what I write or issue to the child, I tend to the graceful content that revolves around fantasy and science fiction, because the writer must not neglect the environmental factors and the child’s desire for exploration, learning and adventure, and to possess a culture, flexibility and awareness of the methods and mechanisms of the word directed to children. And he indicated that writing for children differs from writing in other literary genres in terms of contents, ideas and forms.


Al-Shehhi said: “Kitab House” keeps pace with technological development, so it is not content with printed matter, but rather seeks to diversify, but at the same time the paper will not die, and it will remain a major element in publishing the recitation. Al-Shehhi advised creative young people who take their first steps in writing for the child the need to pay attention to world literature, and what is written about it in this important literary genre.

He concluded by saying: The house, which published 300 writers and issued 400 titles, and won the best publishing house at Sharjah Book Fair 2018, opens its arms to every good content, as the content is a treasure.


The writer Muhammad Khamis said: As a writer, “troublemaker and troublemaker diaries” represent a lot to me in the world of creativity, as it is a successful experience. It makes me happy every day. Young people at the age of 18 give me great esteem, because they were affected by the book in their childhood. He explained: Writing for children needs a balance between language, expression, culture and awareness of the writer, and between the child’s mentality and his emotional and intellectual reception sensors.

He added: It needs ease in proposing with depth of meaning and supremacy of purpose. He said: My desire to convert children from reading in English to Arabic was the engine to start writing a “riotous diary” similar to the American series “Wimpy Kid”, which affected most of the world’s children who are interested in reading.



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