Jack Dorsey sells his first Twitter tweet for $ 3 million | latest news


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the sale of his first tweet on the social networking site Twitter as a non-exchangeable token “NFT” on Monday, March 22nd, for 1,630.58 Ether, a cryptocurrency equivalent to about $ 2.9 million based on the currency’s price at the time of sale.

The tweet was first published on March 21, 2006.

Dorsey offered the tweet for sale as a non-exchangeable token “NFT” on March 6, and by March 9, the highest bid was from Sina Esteve, CEO of Bridge Oracle.

And ownership of these assets is recorded on the blockchain, which is a digital document similar to the one that supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But no one can exchange one NFT for another like they do with dollars or other assets.

Dorsey said he would convert the proceeds into Bitcoin, then donate that to Directly’s Africa Response Fund.


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