Is “Twitter” kidnapping “Android” users from “Club House”?


Today, Twitter launched a competitive voice chatroom platform for the “Club House” application, under the name “Spice”, which works on phones with the “Android” operating system exclusively. Note that the “Club House” application is only available on Apple phones.
Similar to “Spices” in its functions, the audio application called “Club House”, which allows users to join with one person or group to conduct direct conversations within virtual chat rooms. Soon users will be able to create their own rooms, according to a tweet from Spices.

Chat rooms are public and anyone can join as a listener. The hosts control who can talk in the chat room, with a maximum of 10 people talking at the same time. Hosts can also decide who can join rooms with speaking privileges.

How to operate the service?

You can start your own “SPICE” in two ways:

1- Long press the Create Tweet button. Then click on the new “Spices” icon on the far left.

2- Or click on your profile picture in “Fleets”, scroll to the far right, and click on “Spice”.


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