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Can a person fall in love with a robot? German filmmaker Maria Schrader discusses this question in her film “I Am Your Human”, in which she competes at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. The film revolves around a scientist in an experiment as she tests a robot that will transform into an ideal partner using artificial intelligence.

It is mentioned that the film is based on a short story.

Shrader said in a digital press conference that she heard the story and did not first know “a woman meets a robot.”

She added that the story piqued her interest, and stated that what was interesting was that the woman was not the machine.

She explained that her film tracks a question about whether it is possible for a person “who is imperfect like us and cannot die or get sick to become a good partner for his partner with mankind, and is it possible to develop a machine to the point that it becomes a partner on an equal footing with humans, and perhaps even better than him?” ».

This film is expected to be shown in cinemas in Germany next summer, and the film will compete for the Golden Bear award in the Berlinale, whose activities have been divided in this year’s edition due to the Corona pandemic, as a digital meeting will be held this week for filmmakers and experts, with a festival for the public in June. Next.

For her part, Marin Egert, the film’s heroine, said that she could understand the suspicions of the character who played her, “I might actually think about convincing myself of this.”
Dan Stephens, the protagonist, also described his role as fun. He said he mastered German by learning it in school, and his parents also have close friends in Bielefeld.

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