Iranian Revolutionary Guard announces thwarted attempted hijacking of a plane


Tehran: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced on Friday that it had thwarted an attempt to hijack a plane that was on a domestic flight Thursday evening to head it towards a country in the Gulf.

“The plot to hijack a Fokker 100 plane belonging to the National Iranian Airlines Company (…) was thwarted through the vigilance of the aviation security unit of the Revolutionary Guard,” he said in a statement.

And the statement, which was published on the official website of the Revolutionary Guards, added that “the perpetrator of the plot was intending to land the plane at the airport of one of the countries located on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf.”

He said that the plane, which took off at 10:10 (1840 GMT) on Thursday evening, from Ahvaz airport in southeastern Iran, was heading to Mashhad, in the northwest of the country.

The statement added, “The plane made an emergency landing at Isfahan airport (in the center) and the hijackers were arrested,” without giving details about how it was foiled.

“The passengers left the plane” to their destination via another flight while they are in good health, the statement said, noting that an investigation is underway on this matter.

The Revolutionary Guard is responsible for the security of Iranian airports and airspace.

The Islamic Republic maintains tense relations with several neighboring countries in the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, its major regional rival, but also with Bahrain and the UAE.

Iran and these three countries repeatedly accuse them of launching destabilizing operations on their soil.


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