Iran announces that the hijacking of a civilian plane has been thwarted, and Pope Francis arrives in Baghdad on his first papal visit to Iraq


The Ansar Allah al-Houthi group in Yemen announced that the King Khalid Air Base and Abha International Airport had targeted the Saudis with three drones, at dawn today, Friday.

In a tweet on Twitter, the military spokesman for the Ansar Allah al-Houthi group, Yahya Saree, said, “The Air Force managed again to target important sites at King Khalid Air Base and Abha International Airport, at dawn today, Friday, with three drones of Samad 3 and 2k bombers.” , Indicating that the injuries were accurate.

For its part, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen announced the interception and destruction of an explosive drone launched by the Houthis towards the city of Khamis Mushait, in southern Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Press Agency quoted the spokesman for the coalition forces, Brigadier Turki Al-Maliki, as saying that “the joint coalition forces managed, on Friday morning, to intercept and destroy an explosive drone launched by the group towards the city of Khamis Mushait.”

Yesterday, Thursday, the Saadia-led coalition announced the destruction of a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis towards the city of Jizan, in the south of the Kingdom.

In recent weeks, the Houthis have intensified their attacks on Saudi Arabia, with the escalation of battles to tighten control over the governorate of Ma’rib, which is the last stronghold of the internationally recognized forces of Yemeni President Hadi’s government backed by the Arab coalition.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has led a military coalition in support of the internationally recognized government, which has been locked in a bloody conflict against the Houthis since 2014, when they took control of the capital, Sanaa, and other areas.

The United States moved to remove the Houthis from the terrorism list after the designation, which was imposed by the previous US administration for Donald Trump, was subjected to widespread criticism by aid organizations, which warned that it might impede efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

And US President Joe Biden stopped his support for Saudi offensive operations in the Yemen war, which he described as a “catastrophe” that “must end.”

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