“Investments” is waiting for the largest loan in its history – Saudi News


The Public Investment Fund is preparing to obtain its largest loan in its history this week, as it is expected that the value of the loan will reach 15 billion dollars from several international banks to finance new investments, according to “Bloomberg.”The sources added that the last banking group participating in the facility is still under determination, and the size of the loan may change as well as the timing, and the director of the Public Investment Fund recently revealed that the fund’s assets under management at the end of 2020 amounted to more than $ 400 billion.

The sources announced that the wealth fund has more than doubled the size of the loan as part of an initial plan to raise about $ 7 billion.

This is the third time that the Public Investment Fund has resorted to banks for financing, after borrowing $ 11 billion and other facilities worth $ 10 billion in 2019 that it paid last year.

The fund received cash liquidity in the form of the proceeds from selling shares in Saudi Aramco worth $ 30 billion, and the transfer of $ 40 billion from the Kingdom’s foreign exchange reserves last year, as it was looking to finance the wave of asset purchases during the downturn in stock markets due to the Corona virus.


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