“Intrigue and ambushes” … this was confirmed by an American official on Salameh!


Lebanon DepateA senior American official involved in the Lebanese file denied information about “possible US sanctions against the governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh,” stressing that “this issue is not on the table and has not been presented in practice in American decision-making circles.”

The official pointed out that “media campaigns are one thing, and the documented information on which the concerned American institutions are based is another,” stressing that “the United States of America is not in the process of entering into media debates and political and propaganda campaigns exchanged in Lebanon, and its decisions are based on the legal and political rules that are based on them.” They are publicly adopting it, and not on leaks, intrigues, and ambushes set up by the conflicting parties in Lebanon to trap some of them. “

“His team in Washington and in Lebanon keeps abreast of all financial and banking details in direct cooperation with the competent Lebanese and non-Lebanese authorities, and is able to distinguish between correct information and misleading rumors,” the American official said.


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