“Instagram” promotes the option to broadcast live talks


San Francisco – AFP

The “Instagram” network intends to join the wave of live chats that are increasing in popularity on social platforms, following the example of its parent company, Facebook, and emerging communication applications such as the “Club House” network.
The network affiliated with the “Facebook” group launched, on Tuesday, “live rooms” that allow the user to photograph himself and broadcast live conversations with others, with a maximum of four people.
“Instagram” clarified in a statement that it hopes to “open the door to more creative opportunities, such as setting up a talk show, playing music, performing work with other artists, organizing more lively question-and-answer sessions, or enabling the user to give private lessons to his followers.”
The social network that relied on its success on photos and videos was basically a tool for live broadcasting, but participation in it was available for two users only. However, the significant increase in digital uses due to the “Covid-19” pandemic prompted it to add new features recently. Some competing apps have done.
The use of live broadcasts in particular has witnessed a wide renaissance on various platforms. Similar to the Zoom app for videoconferencing, other platforms have developed similar options, or expanded those that already have them, to allow meetings of some or dozens of users, whether closed or open to the public.
Instagram is also planning to add audio tools and control options to improve conversation management.


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