Infinix HOT 10 PLAY redefines the smartphone entertainment experience


With the launch of a company nearing Infinix The leading brand of smartphones with advanced technology and elegant design, for its new phone, HOT 10 PLAY in the Egyptian market, users are expecting a new and distinct performance experience.

The phone is expected to redefine the entertainment experience For smart phones Through its features and advantages that provide a distinct entertainment experience, and meet the needs of young people

They aspire to watch the highest quality videos and cinematic gaming experiences with the longest lasting battery life possible.

Enjoy the series HOT Infinix has a good reputation in the Egyptian market after the great demand for it, especially among the youth, as it was able to gain their confidence by meeting their various requirements through

High quality product with competitive prices.

It also uses HOT 10 PLAY Hyper Engine technology that allows smart switching between LTE and WI-FI, effectively reducing game lag and making your mobile online experience smarter and smoother than ever before.

The HOT 10 PLAY phone is expected to provide a huge 6.82 inch cinema screen with the amazing Dot Drop feature to provide a great gaming and video viewing experience, and it is easy to get a colorful picture and a wider view of the movies.

Bloomberg reports that Intel Corporation It received orders to pay $ 2.18 billion after losing a lawsuit over two decades of patents.

A jury ruled that a company Intel She violated the patents on clock frequencies and electric voltages owned by a company called VLSI LLC, and the company told Bloomberg in a statement: “Intel does not strongly agree with the jury ruling today. We intend to appeal and we are confident that we will prevail.”

Michael Stollarsky, CEO of the company said VLSI In a statement: “We are very pleased that the jury recognized the value of innovations as they are reflected in patents and we are happy

Highly judged by the jury, it was deliberated Patents, Dating back to 2010 and 2012, several times over the years, were originally awarded to FreeScale Semiconductor and SigmaTel, but FreeScale subsequently purchased SigmaTel and itself was eventually swallowed up by NXP Semiconductors in 2015. ‘

VLSI was a legitimate semiconductor company founded in 1979 and was one of the original investment partners of ARM Ltd. Philips In 1999 vs.

$ 1 billion, parts of which are still inside Philips’ NXP today.

Separately, it began VLSI LLC Back four years ago and regained control of the two patents, however, Intel attorney William Lee argued that the company had no products and that its only potential source of revenue was a lawsuit, VLSI took two patents off the shelf that had not been used for 10 years.

The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas Presided over by Judge Alan Albright.

Bloomberg has indicated that Albright is a former patent attorney and lead judge right As a federal judge in 2018 he quickly transformed his courtroom into one of the most popular patent halls to file a case.

Uber announced the developments of the Uber Bus product and its activity during the Corona pandemic, as the company was able to expand the network of Uber Bus lines 4 times in one year, to include areas such as Helwan, Al-Shorouk, Sheikh Zayed and Al-Ahram Gardens, and also by improving the current lines to be more suitable for the needs of passengers to move .

Uber Bus also launched unlimited subscription packages, where passengers can get an unlimited number of rides, which are valid

For a period of 30 days, at a 65% reduced cost on any line of their choice, with the aim of making the service more accessible and affordable for passengers.

Ahmed Khalil, General Manager of Uber in Egypt, said: “I am proud of the success of Uber Bus so far under these difficult circumstances, making it safer, more affordable, and affordable.

The pandemic, the ride-sharing industry has seen a drop in demand, and to avoid abandoning Uber Bus drivers, we have introduced a rotational driving system to continue to support drivers and ensure the continued efficiency of Uber Bus operations.

Khalil added: “With the launch of unlimited subscriptions, we are taking another step forward on our road towards recovery, to also limit the daily exchange of cash between passengers and drivers to help confront the virus, and we have worked around the clock to deal with the pandemic across all products, especially with Uber Bus, and we continue to see its great potential in facilitating global mobility. ”

Realme, the fastest growing company in the world in the field of smart phone technology and artificial intelligence products, revealed that it has reached modern technologies in the field of photography and video, which are being launched for the first time with a resolution of 108 megapixels in the middle price categories.

This comes after its success in being the first brand of smartphones to launch in 2019 a 64-megapixel quad camera with artificial intelligence technologies.

Alessiwa, head of the Camera Technology Development Department at realme Global, confirmed that the advanced technology that the company unveiled in the field of compact cameras has been strengthened with artificial intelligence technologies, so that photography enthusiasts can

And a video of exercising their passion without spending exorbitant money.

He drew attention to the use of highly advanced sensors that work with -in-1-pixel binning9 technology, which allows combining 9 small pixels into one pixel, which helps improve image quality in low light, in addition to the modern zoom sensors that have been greatly developed in the new Star Mode 2.0 that works With a highly advanced algorithm that reduces stress on ROM and RAM when capturing night-time photos or videos of a starry sky.

The head of the camera technology development department at realme Global added: We have also developed the tilted photography mode, to provide multiple options in shape, angle and bokeh size, to suit the scene, as well as developing the functions of photography filters in the portrait mode, to enable users to take perfect pictures through advanced technology. It can modify photo backgrounds and merge them with reality through black and white colors in an innovative way while preserving the skin color.

Mahmoud Taha, a spokesman for realme –Egypt, said that the modern imaging technology that the company has reached will change the interests of consumers around the world. For the first time, very advanced artificial intelligence technologies will be provided in the field of imaging within the middle price groups, stressing that the slogan “dare to leap” which Launched by the company, it expresses its future directions, and its vision for developing modern technologies.

VOX Cinemas, in Egypt, announced the launch of Sensory Friendly Screenings that suit the needs of children with Sensory Integration Disorder and Autism, which were launched across the UAE, and were specially designed to make cinema-goers more inclusive and accessible to all.

Adjustments are made to these weekly shows that allow children with Sense of Integration Disorder and Autism to enjoy the latest shows and cinematic releases with their families and friends in a favorable and comfortable environment.

Sensory Friendly Screenings offer the ability to reduce the volume and adopt dim lighting throughout the screening period, delete advertisements and receive a small number of visitors in cinemas, in order to reduce over stimulation, and families can bring snacks to meet any special dietary requirements.

These weekly shows will take place on Saturdays at 12:00 noon in the KIDS hall, the special colorful hall for movie lovers

The little ones, where visitors can enjoy a wide range of family-friendly movies and cartoons.

VOX Cinemas will host Sensory Friendly Screenings in both “Mall of Egypt” and “City Center Almaza”.

Omar Al-Banna, Regional Head of Majid Al Futtaim Projects and Majid Al Futtaim Leisure and Entertainment, said: “After launching cinematic shows that suit the needs of children with Sensory Friendly Screenings in all parts of the United Arab Emirates, which received positive reactions Extensive, we are very excited to be launching this unique cinematic experience in Egypt.

Source : Technology: Infinix HOT 10 PLAY redefines the entertainment experience for smartphones


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