Including Carole Samaha … Arab stars in an international song: My Life


Sony Music announced the release of the song “Hayati”, an unprecedented collaboration between Arab and French artists: Digi Youssef, Carole Samaha, and Artiso Duffy.

The four artists, who have had a following group of more than 40 million music platforms and social media sites, wanted to produce different and innovative music.

The song’s lyrics are written in Lebanese and Gulf dialects in addition to French and some Moroccan slang words, and the song has already attracted the attention of fans and the press in the Middle East, after Carole Samaha announced that she would release her first rap song, which led to hundreds of posts on websites and social pages.Artist fans were also excited to hear their favorite artist again after his album The Source last year and his first collaboration with Middle Eastern artists.

DJ Youssef was able again to produce a successful song after his collaboration with major artists on the Arab level, such as Diana Haddad, Belqis, Yara and Dozy
And others, as Kuwaiti artist Dafi added a Gulf touch to this work.


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