In the video, the last wives of the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi reveal new secrets about him


Hanan Al-Atar, the last wife of the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, confirmed that her husband was not against anyone from the Saudi royal family, specifically Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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After the release of the US administration report ... Jamal Khashoggi's fiancée Ali

In an interview with the Lebanese journalist, Sami Kulaib, in his program “Sami Dialogue” broadcast on his YouTube channel, Al-Eter added, “Her husband was neither a dissident nor an opponent, and that Jamal tried to succeed in a difficult equation in the Arab world because we do not have the luxury to choose. He wanted to carry the ball of victory for truth and the call for democracy in one hand, and on the other he did not want to increase the gap and hostility between him and Saudi Arabia.

“My husband was trying to start with an entity, organization, or research center, and if someone had talked to Jamal and gave him safety, he would have returned to Saudi Arabia, but that does not mean that Jamal was on his way to abandon his principle.”

Al-Otar confirmed that “Jamal was a good contemplator of Mohammed bin Salman and was at his side at the beginning of his fight against corruption, but he had a concern about how to fight corruption and the extent of transparency in fighting it.

She pointed out that “while the Saudi crown prince was in Washington at the beginning of 2018, Jamal was ready if he was invited by Prince Mohammed bin Salman to meet with him to explain his views comfortably to him, but this did not happen.”

And she added, “Jamal’s first wife and his children from her live in Dubai and he used to frequent Dubai, and whenever he came to Dubai we used to meet and it was known to everyone that I am Jamal’s friend, as evidenced by that many were asking me when will the Arab channel start, including Professor Jihad Al-Khazen and Abdel Bari Atwan, and it continued.” The relationship grew closer when I sympathized with Jamal while he was under house arrest, when he requested that he refrain from appearing in the media or participating in any media event after he proposed his opinion on the victory of US President Donald Trump in 2016.“.

And she continued, “The authorities in Saudi Arabia forced him to sit at home and not participate. Not to write, not to present his opinion, was under semi-house arrest, and that was a painful thing for Jamal and insulting to him and Jamal felt that.”

Al-Etar explained, “Clearly, my husband was not opposed to the royal family in Saudi Arabia or the crown prince, he was never against them, neither in secret nor in public, and his presence under house arrest and preventing him from appearing was just because he gave his opinion on Donald Trump’s victory because, according to Jamal, Trump represents the right. The extremist, when Jamal speaks, is taken by some Arab media professionals that his words are the opinion of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia and that he is the opinion of the administration in the Kingdom, and therefore he may have been punished and asked to sit down because his opinion embarrasses the kingdom.

She said, “The reason for Jamal fleeing to the United States, which not everyone knows, and for the first time he was announced is that after the ban was lifted, he was invited from Abu Dhabi to participate in a lecture or media event there, and while on his way to the Emirates, he was prevented from entering it and he deported to Saudi Arabia, and this was a bad warning for Jamal.” Therefore, the decision was taken to flee to the United States, where he waits for a while until things stabilize. ”

“The reason for Jamal’s escape is not because he was asked to write against the State of Qatar. A lot was monitored for him and they tried to force Jamal to participate in the crisis between some Gulf countries and Qatar, but he refused to be a part of it,” Al-Otar emphasized.

“Jamal used to attend after the Gulf reconciliation to preside over the Al-Jazeera channel and monitor the performance of the media in it, and he had access to some of the inputs of some Al-Jazeera media on social media,” she added. “His dream was to reach the leadership of Al-Jazeera channel after the fall of the dream of Al-Arab channel.”

She added that her husband “was not against Wahhabism. Rather, he considered it the nerve of the Saudi state, wanting it to develop and trade with the times, and he was announcing that opinion in all councils and meetings, and that he did not ask her to wear the veil, and he was open and wanted to write about all aspects of life, whether love, passion, or Politics”.

On her husband’s visit to Turkey before his death, she said, “Jamal wanted to buy a property in Turkey to obtain her nationality so that he could move freely and not be classified as an opponent because he was rejecting the application for political asylum.”

She pointed out that “the Turkish intelligence was monitoring her husband and asked why the Turkish intelligence did not protect him.”

She denied that Khashoggi had “engaged the Turkish Hatice Cengiz or wanted to marry her, stressing that she” doubts that the woman is the fiancée of her husband. ”

Regarding her marriage to Jamal Khashoggi, Al-Otar said that she “got engaged to Jamal at the beginning of April 2018 in Washington. We agreed to marry after the long vacation as a flight attendant at Emirates Airlines, and we went to the American Open University to conduct the marriage in the presence of Imam Anwar Hajjaj, Khaled Saffouri and Ragheed Aqla, confirming that she has a document. Marriage, but it is not formal. ”

Source: RT


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