In the video .. Journalist Engy Kiwan reveals the truth about her relationship with the artist Amr Diab!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian journalist and model, Engi Kiwan, responded to the rumors of her association with the artist Amr Diab and the great controversy that her appearance with him in some pictures before filming the perfume advertisement for Diab.

The Egyptian media said in a television interview, that the spread of images prior to the advertisement for Amr Diab’s perfume was prepared in advance as part of the advertising and marketing plan, confirming that what was raised about her association with Amr Diab is completely false.

Regarding her husband’s position, she said that he was aware of all the details of the announcement and was expecting the reaction after the photos spread, adding, “He knew me and knew me, uh, and our relationship, uh, before we did propaganda. We are fighting de battle. ”


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