In the country: a research report: “Amazon Corona” is 3 times more contagious than the original virus in my country


A new research report stated that the new strain of Corona virus, in its Brazilian version, has caused great panic for not responding to vaccines, and because it is 3 times more contagious than the original strain of Covid-19.The report, published by the Al-Arabiya news channel, on Wednesday, indicated that the Corona virus has mutated again in the wake of the two new strains in Britain and South Africa, to turn this time into a more alarming version of the virus in Brazil.

He added that the new strain was called “Amazon”, where it was discovered, and it is believed that it is resistant to some vaccines, but Brazil did not provide more information about it, and the new strain of Corona virus was discovered last January in 4 people who entered Japan from Brazil, and these people came from Amazon.

The report indicated that the new strain is already responsible for 90% of cases of Corona virus in the state of Amazonas, and the new strain was also detected in other parts of Brazil and spread to other countries around the world.

He pointed out that there are two different types carried by the Brazilian strain, the first type, P1, that is difficult for the immune system to get rid of because of its genetic makeup responsible for building spinal proteins, and the second type is known as P2 and carries a mutation that can bypass antibodies.
The report emphasized that the danger of the two types lies in the spinal protein, as most Corona vaccines target the spinal protein that the virus uses to adhere to human cells, while the vaccines prepare the body to be able to detect the spinal protein, so that the immune system can detect the virus, and if the spinal protein mutates, The body will not be able to recognize the virus, and then the vaccines will not be effective.
More than 114.71 million people have been infected with the emerging coronavirus worldwide, while the total number of deaths resulting from the virus has reached two million and 648,600.

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