In Dubai, 14 thousand passengers go through “on-demand buses” – local – others every month


The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has provided point devices to pay fees for “bus on demand” trips inside the bus, at a time when the monthly average number of passengers using the service reaches 14,000 passengers, according to the statistics issued by the authority.

The service provides a fast and comfortable means of transportation for passengers who are in neighborhoods where there are no fixed lines for mass transit paths. Passengers can download the service application to book a trip on board a “on-call bus”, which goes towards their points of presence to take them to the nearest location of public transportation from Metro stations or stations and fixed lines for public buses.

The authority’s website stated that the service is currently available in six regions in the emirate, indicating that it is possible to pay via a Nol card inside the bus, in addition to the possibility of payment via a bank credit card via the “Bus on Demand” application. The authority launched the service to provide a flexible transportation path that is more suitable for some categories of customers, and to support integration with mass transit services. The operation of the service, which was officially launched in February of last year, aims to reduce the operational costs of fixed bus routes in areas that register a small number of bus passengers that does not require the operation of the line. Thabit for public buses with a large capacity, and at the same time providing a service that encourages those in those areas to use mass transportation by reducing their waiting time, by transporting them in small buses, which connects them to the nearest public transport, which ultimately serves to reduce private vehicle trips In the respective regions, and in turn contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

The service is currently available in Al Barsha (1, 2,3), Dubai Internet City, International City, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and The Greens, in addition to Academic City upon request from International City and Dubai Silicon Oasis, via 13 buses that accommodate Each of them is for 18 passengers, while the required separation measures are applied within the preventive measures to protect customers from the Corona virus.

The authority has set a unified service fee of five dirhams as a maximum for the passenger per trip, which can be paid by requesting the bus and reserving the seat through the service’s smart application, which informs the service applicant of the location of the nearest bus to his point of presence, and also determines the time taken for his arrival, which is assumed not to It exceeds 15 minutes maximum. It is noteworthy that the information issued by the authority during the last quarter of last year showed a demand for using the service despite the Corona pandemic, in which the precautionary measures applied regarding it have severely limited the movement of individuals, as the statistics issued by the authority revealed that the total number of users since the launch of the service On February 9, 2020, until October 25, 2020, it reached 112,392 users. The “bus on demand” service provides transportation within the same area, and it is not permitted to use it to travel from one region to another. The passenger can also make group reservations through the service’s smart application.

How to book a bus trip

– The customer downloads the smart application on his phone and logs in.

– The customer activates the application after verifying the data, according to the approved procedure.

– The customer determines the location of the vehicle, the available seat, and finds the required time for the bus to arrive.

He book the trip and choose the method of payment, either by credit card, or via a Nol card inside the bus.

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