In an interview with Oprah … Prince Harry detonates a surprise about “the reason for leaving”


And during an interview conducted by the famous American presenter Oprah Winfrey With both Harry W.Megan MarkleThe prince held the hand of his wife, who seemed to be pregnant, and said: “My greatest fear was that history will repeat itself,” referring to what happened with his mother Princess Diana She died at the age of 36, in a traffic accident in the French capital Paris, While trying to escape from the “paparazzi” photographers.

The late princess had suffered for years during her marriage to Prince CharlesAnd she admitted in a TV interview that she was unhappy in life with the royal family, especially since her husband was cheating on her with Camilla, his current wife. She also could not stand the constant interference of the press in her private life.

و .ضاف Prince Harry To Oprah: “I feel comfortable and happy to be sitting here with my wife next to me, because I cannot imagine what it would have been like for her (Princess Diana) … to go through this experience alone.”

“It was incredibly difficult for the two of us, but at least we had each other,” he said.

The full meeting of Prince Harry and his wife Megan, who are expecting their second child, will be broadcast on CBS on the seventh of March.

Prince Harry had said in a previous meeting with British presenter James Cordon that one of the main reasons that prompted him to leave Britain was the press that interfered with all the details of his life, considering that it treated his wife Markle with “bullying” and “racism.”

It is reported that Markle is from a white father and an African American mother. She had previously expressed her unhappiness during her stay in the UK, due to British Press.


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