Ibrahimovic “praises” it with Lukaku – Lebanese Forces Official Website


Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic welcomed the presence of the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, the star of Inter, in the “Sanremo Festival”, after he had previously entered into a verbal clash with Lukaku during the derby of the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.

Ibrahimovic said, during a press conference in “Sanremo”, when he was asked, “What if Lukaku comes to the festival? It “would be most welcome. There are no personal problems with him, and what happens on the field remains there, and if he wants to come he is welcome, ”considering that“ it is easier to score goals on the field than to help in presenting the festival. ”

He added, “When Amadeus (the host of the festival) called me, I didn’t say no, I said yes. He told me not to worry and to be calm, and that I must be myself. ”

He continued, “If I make a mistake, no one will judge me for it, and if I do a good job, I will have another job when I retire. I’m excited, I don’t know what’s going to happen but we will definitely have fun. As for the reason for calling me Amadeus? Because he wants to break all records, and I introduce myself. ”

On the impact of his recent injury on his presence at the festival, Ibra said, “The program will remain as it is.” I was unlucky after I received a slight injury, but I can still do everything. ”

Regarding Ibrahimovic’s criticism of LeBron James, the basketball star, for entering politics, the Swedish superstar said, “Racism and politics are two different things. We in sport unite the world, while politics divides it. ”


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