Ibrahim Al-Harbi reassures his fans after being infected with Corona


In his first appearance after the rumors of his death, the Saudi artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi reassured his fans about his health condition after being infected with the Corona virus.

Ibrahim Al-Harbi speaks with difficulty

The journalist Rabie Heneidy published an audio recording of his call with Ibrahim Al-Harbi from inside Jaber Hospital in Kuwait.

Al-Harbi also appeared to speak with difficulty and said: “Praise be to God, I am fine, and I am currently being treated for Corona inside the hospital. And I am waiting for my condition to improve so that I will be able to leave it soon, God willing. ”

Al-Harbi sent a message of thanks to his colleagues in the artistic community, and said: “I thank all the artists who asked about me, they were not short of it. And all the artists of the Gulf are assured of me, and I hope God does not see them as unpleasant. ”

I cant answer!

Ibrahim al-Harbi apologized for not continuing the call due to fatigue and exhaustion, and told Rabih Henedi: “I cannot answer. To the calls, but only for you, I answered. ”

Rabih Henedi commented on the call: “By the way, I do not forget the memories that brought us together together at لندن And the dinner that she invited us to there is our artist friend Maisaa Magriby “.

The son of Al-Harbi has previously been denied The news Reported on the transfer of his father to the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital in Kuwait. Because he was infected with a virus Corona Novelty.

Youssef, son of artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi, said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “My father is in good health and is receiving treatment in a hospital. Jaber and shame on health What is reported about entering the intensive care, we ask God to heal him and all the patients.

Dongguan Gulf Screen

The artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi is dubbed “Dongjuan Gulf Screen”; Because of his charisma.

The artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi has many dramas, which reached 84 series, 15 plays, and 17 television soils.

Among his most prominent series are the Kuwaiti comedy series “Darb Al Zallaq”, “A Very Family Memoir,” and “A Woman Searching for Forgiveness.” And great love ”.

And from his theatrical works “City Honey Onion, ”and“ Silent Brown. ”

The artist had an experience in the cinema through the movie “Midnight”.

His private life

The artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi is married and has 5 children, namely “Youssef”, “Ahmed”, “Jamal”, “Khaled” and “Wasan”.

Ibrahim Al-Harbi mocked, in previous statements, the rumors of his marriage more than 20 times, and he brought together 4 wives at the same time.

Al-Harbi also said about his marriage dozens of times, that he meant that he is annually and in the month of Ramadan he appears as a husband to a new star. In artwork. So much so, that last Ramadan was married twice, and thus he was not talking about reality.

Al-Harbi refused to mention the number of his current or previous marriages at all.

His nationality is Ibrahim Al-Harbi

The war artist denied reports that he is a Kuwaiti, not a Saudi.

The artist previously said that although he lived for a long time in Kuwait and loved her deeply, and was attached to it, he is Saudi. He is pleased with that, and does not know the secret of this rumor in the first place.

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