IBL Bank clarifies to Depositors’ Association about a 5% salary commission


The Depositors’ Association directed to the management of Intercontinental Bank in Lebanon SAL, considering that “after we received a letter from your bank addressed to a company on the subject of resettlement of pensions for employees and informing them of imposing a commission of 5% of the total salaries transferred to the accounts of its employees, we We ask you to justify this commission on such accounts, especially since none of these commissions or illegal increases are not noticeable in account opening contracts, which your bank is willing to impose, has become a kind of brotherhood based on blackmailing depositors and defrauding them after mistreatment of their deposits, which even if directed to a lord. The work for which you are holding a deposit, but it will directly target the employee with his salary, whose value has already declined due to the banking and monetary crisis, with an emphasis that the bank has no right to amend a contract with a client unilaterally and without the consent of the two parties.

In a statement, the Association warned, “The bank will immediately stop this commission, otherwise it will resort to warn you legally, and take all measures against you, including submitting a complaint to the Banking Supervision Committee and informing the competent judicial references of your right.”

The management of IBL Bank explained: A correspondence was leaked between IBL Bank and one of its corporate clients, not individuals, and this leakage is intended to harm the bank’s reputation.

It is important for IBL Bank to clarify the following:

1- This correspondence does not mean at all that the bank will record any additional commission on the accounts of individuals who have domiciliation of their salaries.

2- The relationship of IBL Bank with its corporate clients, including the aforementioned company by the leaked correspondence, is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the banking relationship, including the services required of the bank, and on the basis of which the commissions calculated on these services and that are borne only by the companies concerned are determined. I

3- IBL Bank confirms that these conditions concern the accounts of the company only and do not include the accounts of the employees of this company at all.


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