I will exclude any player who thinks about this Phalanges


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has warned his players not to feel complacent and said he will exclude any player from the squad who thinks the Premier League title fight is over.

Manchester City have won 20 consecutive games in all competitions, and are 12 points ahead of their closest competitors, with 62 points from 26 games.

City are unbeaten in their last 27 games and will equal the club’s longest run without defeat if they avoid faltering against 12th-placed Wolverhampton Wanderers later on Tuesday.

Despite City’s brilliance, Guardiola feels that the way remains open to improvement and development.

Guardiola said: “We are winning and achieving results but I must demand more of the players and tell them that they can play better. If you feel that anyone thinks the mission is over, or feels how strong they are, then this person is not going to play.”

“The defending champion is Liverpool, not us. In order to achieve that, we still need to win eight, nine or ten matches, and this is a large number of matches.”

Source: Sky News


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