I was about to die while the two dogs were kidnapped


Ryan Fisher, the man assigned to walk the dogs of the American singer Lady Gaga, said he was recovering after he was close to death when armed men attacked him in an operation that resulted in the kidnapping of two of Gaga’s dogs.
In his first public statements since the attack, which occurred on Wednesday evening in Hollywood, Fisher told the details of the incident and thanked his family, friends and those who rushed to his aid, and thanked Gaga, who was in Italy for filming a movie.The two stolen dogs were handed over to the police on Friday unharmed, but the two men suspected of theft were still at large.

“I’m still recovering from my death,” Fisher, 30, wrote on Instagram. He posted pictures of him on a hospital bed, and in one of them he appears to be connected to a ventilator.

Recalling the moments of the attack, he said that he gave screams in panic, while blood flowed from the wound he sustained after being shot. The kidnappers took Lady Gaga’s two dogs, Koji and Gustav, but the third bitch, Asia, remained with Fisher.

An unknown woman returned the two French bulldogs to the police on Friday and they were received by representatives of Gaga, who had offered a $ 500,000 reward for returning the dogs.

“Your children are back and the family is reunited … We succeeded! You have provided me and my family with a lot of support throughout this crisis,” Fisher told Gaga.


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