“I came to you as a pilgrim”: What are the places that the Pope will visit in Iraq?


Welcoming posters of the Pope in Erbil

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Welcoming posters of the Pope in Erbil

In a message to the Iraqis on the eve of his visit, Pope Francis said: “I come to you as a repentant pilgrim in order to ask the Lord for forgiveness and reconciliation after years of war and terror.”

In the first papal visit to Mesopotamia, Francis stresses the idea of ​​”pilgrimage”, as he intended a land considered “sacred” by the heavenly religions, and witnessed the passage of a number of prophets, most notably the Prophet Abraham.

In addition to the official meetings, the Pope will visit, in the coming days, historical religious sites, which we will stop here step by step, according to chronological order.

When: Friday-5th March


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