Huawei is planning to enter the world of electric cars


Four sources said that the company Huawei The Chinese are planning to manufacture electric cars under its own brand and may launch some models this year as the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, hit by US sanctions, explores a strategic shift.

Being a company Huawei Technologies Co Ltd In talks with state-owned Changan Automobile and other auto makers to use their auto factories to build their electric cars, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Huawei is also in discussions with BluePark New Energy Technology, a subsidiary of the BAIC Group, which is backed by Beijing To build her electric car, according to one of the two and a separate person with first-hand knowledge.

The plan heralds a potential major shift in Huawei’s direction after nearly two years of US sanctions that cut access to major supply chains, forcing it to sell a portion of its business. smart phones To keep the brand alive.

Management placed Donald Trump Huawei is on the commercial blacklist due to national security concerns, many industry executives see little chance that his successor will hold back on blocking the sale of billions of dollars of US technology and chips to the Chinese company, which has denied wrongdoing.

A Huawei spokesperson denied that the company is planning a design Electric cars Or the production of Huawei-branded cars, and said: “Huawei is not a manufacturer of cars, but through information and communication technology (ICT) we aim to be a provider of digital cars and a new supplier of components, allowing car manufacturers to build better cars.”

Three of the sources said Huawei has begun designing the Electric cars Internally and communicating with suppliers at home, with the aim of officially launching the project early this year, one source said, Richard Yu, the head of the consumer business group at Huawei who led the company to become one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, will shift his focus to vehicles. electrical.

Another source said that electric vehicles will target a large segment of marketAll sources declined to publish their names because the discussions are private.

Source : Technology: Huawei plans to enter the world of electric cars


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