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​ Many users of the popular messaging app “WhatsApp” want the senders not to know that they have read their messages or heard their voice messages, but it is difficult because there is no solution that can hide the blue mark seen, also known as “last seen.”

And “WhatsApp” has made an important change for millions of users around the world, for people who do not want senders to know whether their messages have been read or heard, according to the website “indiatoday”.

WhatsApp is currently working on specifically turning off the ability to turn off read receipts for voice messages for iPhone users.

How to disable blue ticks or read receipts on WhatsApp.

Steps to hide the Last seen voice messages in WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp

– Click on more or 3 dots on the upper right side.

Select Settings.

Select an account.

Go to Privacy and turn off Read Receipts.

Note that if you turn off “Last seen” blue reading flags in WhatsApp, you will not be able to know if others have read your messages as well, meaning no signs will appear even if the recipient read your message.

In addition, the WhatsApp application will also launch a new animation progress bar for voice messages and it will be on phones with recent versions of Android and iPhone.

Turning off read receipts for voice messages or blue ticks is currently only limited to iPhones, and it is not yet known whether this feature will be applied to Android phones or not.

Last Thursday, the WhatsApp application began to offer the voice and video calling feature on the web version of the application, and the feature was limited only to the mobile phone version earlier, but now users can make video calls on “WhatsApp” through their laptops and computers. All you need is a webcam and microphone to communicate.

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