Home colors | Harry detonates a surprise in an Oprah Winfrey interview: I fear for Megan about Diana’s fate


A bomb expected to be detonated by an interview with the famous TV interviewer Oprah Winfrey Megan And Harry, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which is due to be shown next Monday, on ITV, which has bought the interview for £ 1 million.

The British “Mirror” newspaper reported that the interview is expected to lift the cover on the short period Harry and Megan spent as members of the royal family before they stepped down and moved to live in America, with their son Archie.

Writer Jodi James analyzed Megan’s body language after posting propaganda clips of the interview that concerned everyone in the UK. “If the palace hopes that Megan’s mysterious and sweet smile from the first trailer, it points to a series of denials of all of those,” she said Questions that can be described as dramatic, this passage will categorically indicate otherwise ».

She added, “Megan’s tone that she speaks has never been heard before. Her tone is lower and slower and stands a lot between each word to emphasize. This subtle rhythm makes her seem realistic and not emotional. She moves her eyes to the side usually associated with the recalled memory while framing her words and moving to the other direction. Linked to a look to the future, as if she talks about the danger of losing things », confirming that Megan told Oprah in the clip that was shown, that she is not afraid of the consequences of speaking openly in many matters.

“Megan and Oprah use facial touch gestures to automatically communicate,” Judy said, “making the interview appear to be between two equals:” Megan’s gesture in verbal communication can indicate a desire for self-comfort, but by using her finger, she carefully thinks about responding to Complex questions and answers ».

During the interview, Harry said: “I fear for Megan if we stayed in the UK, my biggest concern was that history would repeat itself.”

It seems that “Harry” was referring to his mother, Princess Diana, who died at the age of 36 in a car accident in Paris after her divorce from Prince Charles.

He added, “I am really relaxed and happy to sit here talking to you with my wife Megan next to me, because I cannot imagine what it was like for my mother, and she has been going through this process on her own all these past years.”


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