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​ A large number of old iPhone users suffer from the problem of new iPhone updates, as it greatly affects the capabilities of the phone once it is updated, whether its speed or the phone’s performance, so Apple plans to give iPhone owners a way to make their old cell phones last longer. On its new update, which is expected to be released, as it allows users to download security updates separately from software updates, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”, citing the site “9to5Mac”.

A crisis facing old iPhone users with new updates

IPhone used to combine the two features of security and software updates together, one of which protects your mobile phone from hackers while the other gives you all the features of the latest program, but downloading them together sometimes causes serious problems for those who have old phones.

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Newer programs sometimes slow down old iPhones, which reduces their performance and increases battery life, so having the option to skip software updates while enjoying the latest security protections should provide a way to keep old models lasting longer.

A new iPhone update solves a users’ eternal crisis

Apple is testing the setup in an early release of iOS 14.5, the latest version of its operating system, in California, and it is expected to apply it worldwide in the coming weeks.

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It is expected to make sure that this feature is applied in the new update, when the new operating system iOS 14.5 is released soon. It is also likely that the new update will contain a new emoji upgrade, in addition to a feature that allows the use of “Apple Watch” to unlock the iPhone. Your.

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