He lost his memory for 3 days … a major crisis between an Egyptian player and his team


He lost his memory for 3 days ... a major crisis between an Egyptian player and his team


Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi is living in a major crisis, after the conflicting statements between the board of directors and the business agent of Karim Al-Iraqi, the star of the first football team, regarding the player’s rebellion and his loss of memory for 3 days.

Al-Tabai Farouq, Karim’s Iraqi manager, confirmed that the player does not rebel, indicating that the club wants to sell him to Pyramids.

Al-Tabai said in a press statement: “Karim al-Iraqi is not a rebel. The player has a goal and desires external professionalism. We agreed with the administration in more than one session on that matter.”

And he added: “The player complained about the injury before the Al-Ahly game. He is training normally and under the club’s order and welcomes signing in blank, but he asked the club to treat him as a first category to renew his contract.”

He continued: “The player had an accident with some of his colleagues in Al-Masry Al-Borseidi, and lost his memory for three days, and Al-Masry decided to punish him even though he complained about the injury before the National Bank match.”

For his part, a member of the Board of Directors of Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi, Adnan Halabiya, responded to the player’s business manager saying: “Karim Al-Iraqi was excluded with other players, and he did not obtain the coach’s permission to leave the stadium for the National Bank meeting.”

He added, “Karim al-Iraqi left the car without notifying his technical director, and exposed his life and colleagues to danger due to a traffic accident, and we will apply the sanctions list after this overtaking.”

He stressed, “It did not happen that the administration asked the player to move to Pyramids. Pyramids did not request the inclusion of Karim al-Iraqi, and we have not received any external offers to join him.”

And he continued: “How do we agree with Pyramids to transfer Karim al-Iraqi to the team, and we want to renew his contract?”

Halabiya added, “The player scheduled a renewal session, and we agreed to place him in the first category and informed him of the salary that he would receive.”

Source: Echo Country + Egyptians


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