Hassan Nasrallah: The government of specialists will not survive without political cover … and party members do not get paid in dollars


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, said that the government of specialists proposed by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri “will not hold” and will not succeed without political cover to support its adoption of “unpopular decisions.”

Nasrallah suggested to Lebanese President Michel Aoun, in a televised speech, Thursday evening, to form a “techno-political government, which would not allow anyone to escape responsibility, who escapes from responsibility and says I have no story and he had a story for years that must rule.”

He also called for a reconsideration of the desire to form a government of specialists, which Hariri wants to form, saying that it “will not stand and will not save the country and will not be able to take decisions,” and that it will not succeed without political cover.

Hassan Nasrallah added: “If the government of specialists had protected it, it would not take an unpopular decision … Where will Lebanon see it?”

Nasrallah said that the formation of governments in Lebanon usually takes many months “due to political conflicts.”

Nasrallah claimed that he had “information that there are external parties and some internal parties are pushing in the direction of a civil war, but they are looking for fuel for gasoline,” calling for a ceiling and “is not to go into internal fighting or civil war.”

He pointed out that Lebanon is full of weapons, “all the people have weapons. All cities have weapons … machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, which are sufficient to ignite a civil war.”

Lebanon is witnessing continuous protests against the deterioration of living conditions and the fall in the price of the Lebanese pound against the dollar, while Nasrallah addressed the protesters who block the roads: “You are bringing the country to the gate of internal fighting, you humiliate people on the roads, and the social crisis increases. You work … you participated in a suspicious act. ”

Nasrallah denied what was said about Hezbollah members receiving salaries in dollars, saying: “More than 80% of these people do not receive (money). The bulk of the military force is a volunteer force who pays out of his pocket to go to the front.”

He added, “Yes, there was a bracket that was being paid a dollar salary.”

While he said: “I do not have a car entitled to 20 thousand dollars personal property.”


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