Has the new Corona strain arrived in Egypt?


Assistant Secretary said Egyptian Health For public initiatives, Mohamed Hassani, the Egyptian Ministry of Health has conducted about 290 “genetic sequencing” analyzes in its laboratories during the last period, and the results were “negative” for the strain that was beginning to appear in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Hassani added that the ministry “is constantly following up the analyzes of cases infected with Corona within its central laboratories, to monitor the changes and changes that may occur to Virus“.

The head of the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine Affairs in the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Mohamed Abdel Fattah, also confirmed to “Sky News Arabia” that no infected case was detected. With the new strain of Corona In Egypt until now.

He explained that there are studies being conducted to study the genetic change of Corona, and the emergence of this new strain has not yet been proven.

The analyzes conducted by the Egyptian Health Ministry included samples from travelers who arrived in Egypt during the last two months, especially for those who had symptoms of infection. Covid-19.

‘Super Corona’

In the wake of the two new strains in Britain and South Africa, the Corona virus mutated again, this time turning into a more alarming version of the virus in Brazil.

The new strain of Corona in its Brazilian version, which was dubbed “Super Corona” by the media, sparked controversy and panic over the response to vaccines and its cause for an increase in infection rates from the original strain between two to three times.

This strain also did not appear in Egypt So far, as confirmed by the health authorities.

Injury stability

The Egyptian Assistant Minister of Health indicated for public initiatives that Egypt has witnessed stability in the number of cases of infection and death in Corona recently.

He said that there is stability in the number of cases requiring hospitalization or needing intensive care beds and ventilators, adding: “We hope that it will remain like this.”

He continued, “The epidemiological situation of Corona has been stabilizing recently, and we hope that the vaccination campaign will help us prevent the number of cases from escalating again.”

According to the latest official census, the Ministry of Health announced, on Thursday, 587 new Coronavirus cases in Egypt, bringing the total number of people with Covid-19 to 184,755 cases, of whom 142,610 recovered, and 49 new deaths, bringing the total number of epidemic victims to 10,871.

The Egyptian government is placing hopes on a campaign Corona vaccinations That it started last Thursday, in limiting the spread of infection among citizens, and preventing any possible new wave.


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