Hariri deplores the Lebanese “fallacies contained in the presidential statement”


The media office of the Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri expressed, in a statement this evening (Monday), its regret for the inaccuracies contained in the statement of the Presidency of the Republic.

Hariri’s media office statement said, “Hariri’s media office regrets the inaccuracies that were included in the presidential statement,” according to what was reported by German News Agency. He added, “It is surprising and unacceptable that the General Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic intends to distribute a table that has nothing to do with what President Michel Aoun sent to Hariri yesterday, claiming that it was the sent schedule.”

Hariri’s media office confirmed that “since Hariri’s assignment and the start of his meetings with President Michel Aoun, the President of the Republic has insisted in every meeting on his adherence to obtaining the blocking third, and this matter has not changed from the beginning until today, and it is what has become known to all the Lebanese.”

The office published the papers that arrived yesterday from the President of the Republic to Hariri, showing the number of ministers that President Aoun will receive, which is represented by 7 ministers if the government consists of 20 ministers.

The General Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic had announced, in a statement this afternoon, that the methodological paper that Aoun sent to Hariri provided only the methodology for forming the government, and it was a paper that was adopted in forming previous governments. The General Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic distributed a copy of the methodological paper that Aoun sent to Hariri. It is composed of 20 ministers and contains only the names of the ministries and their distribution among the sects.

The General Directorate said, in a statement read by the political and media advisor to the President of the Republic Antoine Constantine, that the President of the Republic “based on his powers and his keenness to facilitate and accelerate the formation process, especially in light of the harsh conditions that the country and its people are living in, he sent to the Prime Minister-designate a paper that only states that Methodology for forming a government ». The statement indicated that “the methodological paper is well known to Prime Minister Hariri, and that he had previously formed two governments on the basis of it during the era of President Aoun.”

He emphasized that the paper “has no names in order for it to have an obstructed third. It is only a mechanism for forming in order to form cooperation that must precede every agreement in accordance with the provisions of Article 53, Paragraph 4 of the Constitution.” He added, “The Presidency of the Republic was surprised by the words and style of the designated prime minister, in form and substance.”

He pointed out that the methodology for forming the government «includes four pillars, whose followers lead to the formation of a government by agreement between the President of the Republic and the President-designate», explaining that «the first column is devoted to ministries on the basis of 18, 19 or 20 ministers, and the second column is devoted to the distribution of ministries among doctrines pursuant to the text of the article. 95 of the Constitution ».

The statement pointed out that «the third column is devoted to the reference of naming the minister, after the Prime Minister-designate disclosed that there were those who named his ministers, as originally shown by the formation that was highlighted by the Prime Minister-designate. The fourth column is devoted to names after completing the agreement on the denomination and the reference for the name.

The statement clarified that Prime Minister Hariri’s method differed this time, “as every visit to the Republican Palace was satisfied with presenting a government formation in most cases incomplete, and in all cases the reference of the name did not appear.” He added that «the President of the Republic is keen to form a government in accordance with the constitution, and every word stated by the prime minister-designate and before him by the former heads of government that the president of the republic does not form but rather promulgates. Announcing, otherwise the agreement will be null and the participatory society which is at the core of our constitutional system and our charter will be removed.

The statement indicated that the blocking third “never responded by the president.” The statement stated that “the crisis is governmental, and it should not be transformed into a government and system crisis unless there is a prior intention not to form a government for unknown reasons, and we will not speculate about it.”

The Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, announced after his eighteenth meeting with President Michel Aoun, since his assignment, that he had rejected a squad that Aoun sent him yesterday, including a blocked third, and asked Hariri to suggest names for the portfolios in it.

Al-Hariri said, in a press conference this afternoon (Monday): “In my last meeting with the President, we agreed to meet again today, but unfortunately, he sent me yesterday a complete assortment from him, with a distribution of bags to sects and parties, with a letter telling me In it it is advisable that I fill it out. The paper includes an obstructed third of his political team, with 18 ministers, 20, or 22 ministers. He asked me to suggest names for the portfolios, according to the sectarian and party distribution that he attended.

He added: «I replied the President of the Republic that it is not acceptable, because the designated president (I don’t work with someone else’s papers), and the task of the president of the republic is not to form a government. And because our constitution clearly states that the designated president forms the government and puts down the names, and discusses his formation with the president. ”

Hariri continued, saying: “On this basis, I informed him that I would consider this letter as if it had not been, and I returned it to him and informed him that I will keep a copy of it for history.”

He announced that his government formation has been in the hands of the President of the Republic for a hundred days. “I am now ready for any proposals and amendments in the names and portfolios. Even the President’s insistence on the Ministry of the Interior facilitated a solution for him, but unfortunately the clear answer was the blocking third.”

Hariri distributed to the journalists the complete assortment of names and portfolios that he presented to Aoun in Baabda on December 9 of last year, in response to what Aoun said earlier that Hariri only presented him with broad lines in the government formation.

On October 22, Hariri was assigned to form a new government to succeed the government of Hassan Diab, who submitted the resignation of his government on August 10, against the backdrop of the August 4 bombing that rocked the port of Beirut.

On the ninth of last December, Hariri presented Aoun with a cabinet consisting of 18 ministers, with which Aoun was not satisfied with it. On the other hand, the latter presented to the President-designate an integrated proposal on the proposed government formation.

The formation of a new government that Hariri wants from specialists and 18 ministers has stalled, after 18 visits by Hariri to the President of the Republic. It is noteworthy that the formation of the government takes place by consensus between the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic, according to the Lebanese constitution.


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